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"I am able to continue the activity I love most! And that is hiking national parks mostly out west. This is thanks to the gel treatments I am receiving from Dr. Tannenbaum.  My family and I recently hiked around the area of Breckenridge, Colorado. Some achieved summit on 14+ thousand ft mountain. I made 12,000, but was leery of any higher altitude. I think we ate our way through enough fruit and salad to feed Cox's Army. There was a very nice parade on the 4th, and the Clydesdale horses we present in all their beautiful gear. At Hoosier Pass, we were able to cross the continental divide, plus the great hike trail that was there.

I will be seeing you soon for more gel, as we are headed to Yellowstone and Tetons for a couple of weeks. Sorry I will miss the Columbus marathon this year, but I was gone too much to train for it. Plus, I am saving my knee for hiking. I can't thank your clinic enough to be able to do what I am doing, especially Dr. Tannenbaum. If you ever get the opportunity, hike the Virgin River in Zion National Park. That is quite an experience, hiking in waist deep water, against the swift current." -- Pat B.

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