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"I had a torn ACL, torn meniscus, and torn MCL. I received this injury while playing basketball. I was running down the court at a fast pace with the ball, leaped into the air, came down hard onto my feet, and pushed off to the right as my leg contacted the court. A defender was positioned directly in front of me, which is why I pushed off to the right to jump away from him to get a shot off. I felt a pop and knew immediately that I had injured something. I did not experience a lot of pain, but my knee was very unstable and felt very peculiar. I went to Dr. Guse and found out the bad news.

I am a top-notch athlete and already have a full ride commitment from Wright State University, a D1 college. I was very nervous about my future. My scholarship is for baseball. Dr. Guse operated on me December 11, 2013.  Dr. Guse showed us pictures of everything he did before and after the repairs. He did an excellent job. My rehab went very well, and I was able to play baseball in the spring of 2014, just four months after surgery. I was a little timid and everyone was being over cautious with me. I did not have a great season, but constantly improved by the end of the season. Six months after surgery, I was at about 95%, and did get honorable mention from the Columbus paper for the All Area Baseball Team. My summer ball team, which is comprised of mostly college baseball players, did very well. Likewise, I did very well, batting in the mid to upper 300's, and pitched some very good games. Wright State has been very supportive, and is working hand in hand with my high school. I feel I am at 100% now, and am very excited about my future college career and or pro career. Thank you very much, Dr. Guse, and all those who assisted you." -- Caleb E.

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