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"I have worked in the same savings bank for 33 years. Using the computer is a daily non-stop task that became painful in my right hand. The pain slowly progressed to when I was driving, doing household duties, and even holding a pen to write. My husband and I met Dr. Tannenbaum when he broke his left wrist three years earlier. That in its self is no picnic, but when you have a stoke and do not have any use of your right arm, it is quite disturbing. Dr. Tannenbaum and staff were compassionate to our situation, thus making us forever believers in his skills. A few days ago, Dr. Tannenbaum and his staff preformed carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand, relieving the pain. They were quite informative as to the procedure and all the items it would entail. I knew if any questions or issues came to mind, they were just a phone call away. Now nine days later, I am sitting at my computer, typing without any pain. I even have the stitches still, and my hand feels great. It is wonderful to have total feeling in my fingers again. I didn't realize how bad it really was. Thank you Dr. Tannenbaum and staff!" -- Cathy M.

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