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"Recently I had to give in to the fact that my hand pain and numbness was affecting my life way too much and more and more often. I have worked in health care for many years as a paramedic on the ambulance, that being said I need full function of my hands do my job. So the thought of having my hands "cut on" was something I also didn't take lightly. After a long battle with myself I choice to go forward with seeing what was wrong. Turns out I had carpel tunnel in both hands and both cases I was told were pretty severe. I never had a doubt of whom I would have my surgery that was the easy part, Dr. Tannenbaum, with Southern Indiana Orthopedics at the Decatur County Memorial Hospital. The reputation of this company and the doctors has always been very good. But during the pre -op and the post op time I had several appointments in the Greenburg office and I got to see why the doctors are able to be as good as they are - their staff was always helpful, fast and friendly. They were always cheerful and seemed to work well as a team. If I had any questions I got answers and never felt like I was being a bother. I highly recommend your office." – Teresa Wise

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