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"Dr. Chambers is a very caring doctor. Always concerned and helpful. Good bedside manners. Very Professional. He has always done well with me. My husband and my daughter both have had surgeries done by Dr. Chambers and they were very pleased with the outcome. Myself, about a year ago when my husband was diagnosed with cancer and I knew I had to take care of him, I could barely walk. I made an appointment with Dr. Chambers and told him my situation and he took care of it. I had a problem with my right hip and he put injections in it and if it hadn't been for that, I don't know what I would of done. We have referred Dr. Chambers to a lot of people and we will continue to do this. I don't know too much about the other doctors on his staff but I have never heard anything bad about any of them. When we call in for appointments, the office staff is also helpful and very cooperative. My husband and I, neither one of us, could never imagine Dr. Chambers not ever being in our life. We feel very fortunate in knowing him and knowing he will be there for us when needed." – Barbara S. 

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