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"My first experience with Dr. Federle was when I needed a knee replacement. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Dr. Federle had been involved in the design of artificial knees before he became a surgeon and actually started putting them into people. I think that gives him a huge advantage over other surgeons, because he has intimate knowledge of the replacement parts and would have a better idea of which specific parts would be best for certain individuals.  

I really like Dr. Federle's easy to understand explanations of the conditions I present to him. I also appreciate his thorough explanations of procedures that I am scheduled to have. It puts my mind at ease and I know the job will be done right. When I needed shoulder surgery, there was no question as to who I wanted to do the surgery. Just as with my knee replacement, the shoulder surgery and recuperation went very well. My other shoulder will need the same surgery before long and I have already decided to have Dr. Federle do it. His care and expertise have served me well. Besides that, he is supported by a very friendly, helpful and efficient staff. They're great!" – Maurice R. 

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