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"I went to see Dr. Lovell because my left leg looked like a tree limb that was bent during a wind storm and was bent into my right leg. Dr. Lovell did a total knee replacement, I was amazed at how well the surgery went, I had been in so much pain and could hardly walk  before the surgery. Afterwards was a different story I had no pain and was able to walk again with no problems. When I changed my dressing to my amazement my leg was straight again.  When I became strong enough Dr. Lovell did a total knee replacement on my right leg, it was bent as well, my pain level was pretty high before my surgeries, very seldom did I take pain medication once I came home from the hospital.  I was very pleased with Dr. Lovell's bedside mannerisms which means a lot to me. The entire staff on the 5th floor was exceptional along with the staff at The Marr Road Rehab, the therapist at both the hospital and Marr Road were amazing they encourage you, if they give you and exercise you have problems with they come up with an easier or better way for you.

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