Patient Reviews of Southern Indiana Orthopedics

The following are reviews from patients of Southern Indiana Orthopedics

Average Rating: 4.8
“I went to Dr. Tannenbaum for my right shoulder. He gave me quite a few options after he saw the x-rays. I thought he was very helpful and the staff was great.”
– Dan S.
“Dr. Eric Tannenbaum got right on my problem of shoulder pain. He gave me a shot. He and the staff treated me very good. I am trusting there are great days ahead. Thanks a lot!”
– Marilyn R.
“I fell & broke my hip, and I was very grateful that Dr. Tannenbaum was available to do my partial hip replacement the next day. My recovery has been smooth with no problems, and he says I am doing well.”
– Susan C.
“Dr. Eric Tannenbaum came in examined my shoulder and said with all the therapy I had he suggested surgery again.”
– Curtis L.
“Prompt care and diagnosis. Provided information clearly on how to treat my symptoms. Would recommend Dr. Eric Tannenbaum to friends and family.”
– Melisa C.
“Everyone was charming and considerate.”
– Donna L.
“Dr. Tannenbaum is an excellent Doctor who provided the best care and concern for my medical needs. The staff were first class and very polite. I would highly recommend Southern Indiana Orthopedics to anyone needing orthopedic care.”
– Joseph S.
“Dr. Guse not only listens always but hears my concerns. I feel I get the best care for my problem.”
– Deborah W.
Treated by: Cary M. Guse, M.D.
“I was able to see Dr. Lovell on time. He listened to my responses to his questions carefully and gave me the options on how to improve my condition.”
– Robert K.
“Dr. Matthew Lovell was my doctor when I fractured my right shoulder three years ago. He kept an eye on my progress though therapy giving me positive feedback and information. I went back to him this May for hip pain and was treated warmly with respect and concern. I feel he is a fine physician and will continue to use his services as needed.”
– Jeannette S.


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