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Dedicated to serving the orthopedic needs of Columbus, North Vernon, Seymour, Greensburg, and the surrounding areas since 1976, Southern Indiana Orthopedics offers exceptional shoulder care from our specialty-trained shoulder specialists so you can get stronger.

Shoulder pain can be more than frustrating. Ongoing pain in your shoulder can keep you up at night, limit your mobility, and prevent you from carrying out everyday tasks. It's possible to get back to pain-free living and a full range of motion with the proper diagnosis and treatment from a shoulder doctor, an orthopedic doctor specializing in shoulder injury treatment or sports medicine care.

Patients should consult with an orthopedic sports medicine specialist or a shoulder surgeon if:

  • The shoulder joint is swollen to the point that motion is difficult.
  • There is sharp shoulder pain when making certain movements.
  • The pain in the shoulder makes it difficult to sleep.
  • Pain from the shoulder has spread to the elbow.
  • Pain radiates from the elbow into the shoulder.
  • The shoulder or elbow pain has lasted more than a week.
  • The shoulder pain makes everyday tasks difficult or impossible.

If any of these symptoms apply to you, meet with a shoulder specialist to discuss your shoulder injury. Patients seeking specialized shoulder care can often meet their goals without shoulder surgery by using conservative options, such as physical therapy. Patients can also consult with a surgeon if these methods are not enough, and a specialty-trained surgeon will be able to provide whatever orthopedic surgery is necessary, including arthroscopic shoulder surgery.

Many conditions can cause shoulder pain. Some are genetic or brought on by age. Others include injuries from car collisions, sports injuries, or other trauma cases. Common conditions shoulder patients are diagnosed with include:

  • Arthritis
  • Bankart lesion
  • Bursitis
  • Calcific tendonitis
  • Clavicle problems
  • Dislocation
  • Fracture
  • Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis)
  • Rotator cuff issues, including a torn rotator cuff
  • Shoulder instability
  • Tear in the tendon or ligament
  • Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)  

Advanced Shoulder Care in Columbus, North Vernon, Seymour & Greensburg

When you meet with our shoulder doctors, the first step is diagnosis. You will receive an evaluation—involving physical examination, X-rays, or other state-of-the-art, on-site imaging such as MRI. Your shoulder doctor will then recommend treatment options best for you. Some nonsurgical forms of shoulder treatment include the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy, or targeted stretches. The specialized bracing we offer can also be effective. Whenever possible, we recommend nonoperative or minimally invasive options like cortisone injections and arthroscopic shoulder surgery.

Shoulder conditions and injuries are sometimes too severe to be treated without surgery. Your shoulder surgeon will be able to tell you more about the different solutions available—including shoulder replacement for arthritis. This is similar to a total joint replacement for knee arthritis, wherein your damaged shoulder joint is removed and a synthetic implant is put in its place. The goal of any shoulder or elbow surgery is to relieve long-term pain and reduce limitation.

Our shoulder doctors' expertise includes the following surgeries:

  • Biceps tendon rupture surgery
  • Clavicle fracture fixation surgery
  • Glenohumeral internal rotation deficit (GIRD) surgery
  • Labral and SLAP repair surgery
  • Rotator cuff tear surgery
  • Shoulder dislocation and instability repair surgery
  • Shoulder replacement and reverse shoulder replacement surgery

When you're ready to get stronger, consult with one of our specialty-trained orthopedic providers to take your first step toward healing with your comprehensive, individualized treatment plan. Call (812) 376-9353 or request an appointment online to see one of our upper extremity doctors in Columbus, North Vernon, Seymour, or Greensburg.

We also offer shoulder, knee, sports medicine, and general musculoskeletal care at our urgent care clinic in Columbus, where walk-ins are welcome and no appointment is necessary.

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With a dedication to providing exceptional, experienced orthopedic care, we have developed our Online Guide to Hand and Upper Extremity Care to provide patients with further information about their injuries and conditions and the treatments available to them. To access our guide, use the button below. 

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The Strength of Experience at Southern Indiana Orthopedics

At Southern Indiana Orthopedics, we have the expertise and technology to provide exceptional orthopedic care dedicated to making you stronger. Our orthopedic surgeons and doctors, including our shoulder specialists, have extensive, specialized knowledge, training, and experience to provide the treatment you need to reach your goals. Our shoulder doctors, Dr. Douglas Federle, Dr. Cary Guse, Dr. Matthew Lovell, Dr. Eric Tannenbaum, and Dr. Sean Wilson, are all board-certified or fellowship-trained and are dedicated to serving patients' individual needs with compassion and exceptional care.

If you have a shoulder problem, don't let it go undiagnosed or untreated. Return to a pain-free life, and to full function. Call (812) 376-9353 to schedule an appointment or request an appointment online and be seen at our main location in Columbus or at our North Vernon, Seymour, or Greensburg outreach clinics.