Orthopedic Urgent Care

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Be Seen for All Your Orthopedic Needs

If you have an orthopedic injury, save on cost and time by skipping the emergency room and be seen right away at our Orthopedic Urgent Care, which is located at our Columbus office

Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. 

Walk-Ins Welcome. No Appointment Necessary.

Choosing between the ER and an urgent orthopedic clinic can be difficult when you’re in need of immediate treatment. ER visits are designed for specific emergencies and can have long wait times, whereas our Orthopedic Urgent Care at Southern Indiana Orthopedics provides the specialized care you need, faster. To make your decision easier, refer to our helpful chart below so you can choose the right option for you or your loved one when you need to. 


Orthopedic Urgent Care or ER?

Injury/Condition Urgent Care ER
Recent muscle, bone, or joint injuries (excluding back/neck)    
Pain or swelling in a joint    
Sports injuries    
Sprains or strains    
Broken bones without an open wound over the fracture location    
Work-related injuries    
Chronic pain or conditions Schedule an Appointment
Back, neck, or spine injuries or conditions Schedule an Appointment
Broken bones where the bone has broken through the skin, or there is a wound over the fracture    
Change in shape or severe angle of the ankle, knee, elbow, or shoulder    
Animal bites    
Concussion or head injuries    
Deep cuts    
Severe pain requiring IV administration or sedation