Patient Reviews of Southern Indiana Orthopedics

The following are reviews from patients of Southern Indiana Orthopedics

Average Rating: 4.8
“I attended the acute care clinic. Service was excellent and I received the treatment that I needed. ”
– Forrest R.
“Dr. Lovell has been very communicative through my surgical procedure.  He has an excellent support staff as well.  Even though I've experienced post-op infections, he's been an excellent doctor.”
– John W.
“We only had a short visit but I really felt comfortable with him.  He was too the point and very clear about my diagnosis. Very personable and professional.”
– Kenneth S.
“Very professional and courteous.”
– Carmelita M.
Treated by: Cary M. Guse, M.D.
“Pleasant staff.  Knowledgeable staff.  Efficient in the procedures and informative about the problem and it's causes or fixes.”
– Susan O.
Treated by: Lisa Lanham, D.P.M.
“As always. GREAT. All questions and concerns were addressed.”
– Robert H.
“I was given good information prior to the surgery on what to expect both immediately after the surgery and following months of recovery. The provider was very thorough in visits after surgery and gave reassuring comments that I was headed on a smooth recovery.  All of my questions were answered completely.”
– Jim B.
“Great provider.  Well respected.”
– Michael S.
Treated by: Lisa Lanham, D.P.M.
"My husband Donald sees Dr. Federle. He had a double knee replacement in 2013. Then he developed  gout in both knees. Dr. Federle has been wonderful with Don. Don trusts him completely.  I have seen Dr. Guse on several occasions from a broken foot to 8 trigger fingers and a broken hand. Dr. Guse has been very kind and done a great  job with my physical needs. I always ask for him when I have a need to see an orthopedic doctor." – Rosemary W.
Treated by: Cary M. Guse, M.D.
"I broke my leg in an odd spot and tore the meniscus after a crash on my bicycle. Dr. Guse took the time to explain everything about my injury, the proposed treatment and what I could expect in recovery.  He was very concise and did not rush and answered all my questions. Any surgery is scary, but I felt I was in good hands,  My surgery was in February and I was cautioned that it could take a year to completely heal.  My leg is better every day and only occasionally does it bother me.  I am biking again, which is very important to me. I would recommend others to go to Dr. Guse." – Suzanne M.
Treated by: Cary M. Guse, M.D.


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