Patient Reviews of Southern Indiana Orthopedics

The following are reviews from patients of Southern Indiana Orthopedics

Average Rating: 4.8
"Excellent!!!! So very pleased with the professionalism yet caring demeanor. I highly recommend Dr. Tannenbaum if one is seeking an Orthopedist. I had bilateral TKR in January of this year (2016) and my life has changed dramatically (all for the better)! It was a difficult decision for me to have the bilateral because I had been told that I was not a candidate for bilateral surgery because of my weight and my age. A friend recommended seeing Dr. Tannenbaum to get another opinion. I am so happy I took my friend's advice. The issues and concerns were discussed and I felt confident with Dr. Tannenbaum's professional opinion. I had the bilateral surgery, received excellent care and went to my grandson's basketball game one week after surgery!! That was the best gift of all, although I was admittedly moving slowly, I only had to miss one basketball game and that was because I got home too late from the hospital!" – Jeannie T.   
"Everyone on staff there is very kind and enjoyable. Physician's assistant, Traci Lippold, spent a lot of time with me making sure I understood exactly where I was in the recovery of my broken fibula. As well as, making sure I was comfortable with the next action of treatment/care. I was very impressed with the personal care I was given by everyone in their office." – Janet G. 
"Very calm and very easy treatment that was successful. Both the draining of my knee and the compression of my elbow were quickly resolved and given high priority treatments. Very impressed with the kindness of the doctor and staff." – Ellen N.   
"All the people I had contact with were very helpful and very nice to me. They answered any questions that I had." – Marcia M.
"I've had two surgeries with Dr. Chambers and the results were exactly as he said they would be. First surgery was a spinal fusion and the second was a cervical fusion.  Dr. Chambers is a no nonsense, excellent surgeon which I highly recommend to anyone having issues with their spine." – Steve C.
"The doctor and staff were very courteous and knowledgeable. They described my procedure in very good detail and everything went exactly as described. I would recommend this facility and staff to anyone. I would certainly request Dr. Lovell for any procedures and intend to do so in the near future." – Jerry B.
"Every time I have an appointment everyone is so kind and helpful. The doctor doesn't keep me waiting long but still takes time to find out how things are going. I also have help from office staff if I have a problem with anything. I always recommend the doctor. To anyone who needs it. Would not hesitate returning if needed" – Linda B.
"Dr. Tannenbaum treated my father years ago, and now I am seeing the doctor for a tear in my shoulder tendon. He is always willing to take time to ask about family, about the treatment, and reassures me that if I have questions just call. He was going to Africa shortly to run a marathon, but my shoulder is healing so no phone calls!" – Nancy Jo R.
"Finest podiatric care one could hope for!" – John M.
Treated by: Lisa Lanham, D.P.M.
"Had knee pain; went in for arthroscopy and 3 tears repaired; recovery went great almost pain free would recommend Dr. Guse for further problems." – Susan W.
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