Patient Reviews of Southern Indiana Orthopedics

The following are reviews from patients of Southern Indiana Orthopedics

Average Rating: 4.8
"They are all wonderful there Dr. Tannenbaum is wonderful and I really love Andy his Nurse Practitioner too." – Sharon S.  
"Dr. Tannenbaum gave me very realistic expectations for my knee surgery. The experience was excellent! I am back to working out, doing yard work all with no pain. Don't let fear keep you from getting back to your old self! Southern Indiana Orthopedics is a truly fine group. I highly recommend them." – Doug P. 
"I find him compassionate, easy to talk with & skilled. He takes time to explains things." – Rebecca A. 
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"I am very pleased with all of my care" – David D. 
"Dr. Chambers has operated on me twice already. May will be my 3rd. I feel like he knows my body as well as I do and is able to help me make the right decisions for it. I feel like he is a personal friend and truly cares about wanting to help people. The staff are genuine and I like getting in and out but knowing all my questions will be answered and everyone being courteous." – Nallie S.  
"I had a herniated disc that had bothered me for several months. My day to day activity was greatly affected by it. I finally went to see Dr. Chambers. Once the x-rays and MRI were completed, surgery was what he recommended. He was very informative about the procedure, and any possible problems that could come from it. He said the odds were 96 percent in my favor. I elected to have the surgery, and it was the best thing I ever did. Within a week after the surgery, I had little discomfort from it. The nerve pain that I had for so long was completely gone immediately after the surgery. Within a month after, I'm 100 percent better." –  Brian S. 
"When I came to your office I was barely able to walk and the pain was intense. Dr. Chambers had no doubt that he could fix this problem. I really liked his confidence and explaining the diagnosis and procedure that would change my situation and he did it and changed my life with all of his knowledge. Now I am "better than I never was". Thank you all at Southern Indiana Orthopedics, you changed my life!!!" – Marlene E. 
"Awesome experience Dr. Lisa can ease your fears very quickly. Rhonda is fantastic at taking care of me and assisting Dr. Lisa. Tina is also good at doing my paperwork and getting me something I need if she can do it."  – Mary T. 
Treated by: Lisa Lanham, D.P.M.
"Fantastic care and medical treatment by Dr. Chambers and staff after a devastating frisbee golf accident resulted in a broken leg." – Adam 
"I had a ruptured lumbar disc that caused a lot of pain and numbness in my entire right leg. After doing all the conservative treatments through other doctors, I met Dr. Chambers and he offered discectomy surgery. I was in a lot of pain and it looked like I was going to have to wait 6-8 weeks to schedule surgery. Dr. Chambers worked something out and got me scheduled in 3 weeks. I am SO HAPPY with the results. I was crippled before and now (8 weeks after surgery) I am going to run my first 5K race this year. I only wish that I had gone to him sooner." – Tom S.


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