Patient Reviews of Southern Indiana Orthopedics

The following are reviews from patients of Southern Indiana Orthopedics

Average Rating: 4.8
"Extremely pleased with the services and treatment received." – Norman B. 
Treated by: Lisa Lanham, D.P.M.
"Dr. Guse is a wonderful doctor. I had a lateral release on my left knee with a meniscus tear repair on Nov. 11th, I was doing well enough that he agreed to do the lateral release on my right knee on Dec. 23rd, which was 6 weeks from my first surgery. Since I had such a high deductible and wanted to have the second one completed in the same year he said normally he would not do  them any closer than 3 months apart but based on my recovery going so well he would do the second knee. I feel that I did so well based on his knowledge and expertise along with my determination to feel better. People are very surprised how much better I am and how quickly I recovered and I tell them if I had to do it again I definitely would and I would definitely put my faith and trust in Dr. Guse!" – Kelly K. 
Treated by: Cary M. Guse, M.D.
"I think being put to sleep for carpel tunnel surgery should be offered. My first surgery was a horrible experience but I blame the hospital staff for a lot of it. I was put to sleep the second time and no problems, a very pleasant experience." – Linda G. 
"Actually in the past 5 years I've been to Southern Indiana Orthopedics 3 times. The first time was to see Dr. Guse for a ruptured Achilles tendon.  Second visit was a hip replacement with Dr. Tannenbaum and most recently this past summer I broke my ankle and I knew Dr. Tannenbaum was the doctor I wanted. The staff at Southern Indiana Orthopedics is the best!  I wouldn't want to go anywhere else!" – Deb S. 
"Dr. Chambers did an outstanding job diagnosing and treating my severe neck injury accurately. I was well informed throughout the process, an important factor in helping me cope mentally during the most painful periods of my unexpected medical event, and surgery and recovery have been exactly what Dr. Chambers said to expect. I appreciate his straightforward manner and smile when he meets you at the office or the surgery center. I will refer him to friends and family for sure!" – Jami G.  
"Office staff and Dr. Tannenbaum were always very attentive!" – Carol B. 
"I always looked forward to my visits. Dr Lanham and her nurses not only took care of my medical problems they also showed love and compassion for my overall well being. I knew I was in the best hands." – Brandon B.  
Treated by: Lisa Lanham, D.P.M.
"I love his personality and his manners he has. He's a very nice doctor and I wouldn't ask for anyone else I trust what he tells me and respect it...I enjoy his staff as well that work in the Seymour office..I love his work" – Linda F. 
"All the staff are very friendly. I would recommend this office to anyone needing orthopedic care." – Angela L.  
"Dr. Guse has done everything possible to help with my neck and shoulder. Offered different options but always left the final decision up to me, the patient. Made me feel like I didn't have to just live with the numbness and tingling, but we could try other options such as PT and finally an injection in my neck. Very grateful to have been referred to him." – Karen W.  
Treated by: Cary M. Guse, M.D.


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