Patient Reviews: Dr. Cary Guse

The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Guse.

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"My husband Donald sees Dr. Federle. He had a double knee replacement in 2013. Then he developed  gout in both knees. Dr. Federle has been wonderful with Don. Don trusts him completely.  I have seen Dr. Guse on several occasions from a broken foot to 8 trigger fingers and a broken hand. Dr. Guse has been very kind and done a great  job with my physical needs. I always ask for him when I have a need to see an orthopedic doctor." – Rosemary W.
"I broke my leg in an odd spot and tore the meniscus after a crash on my bicycle. Dr. Guse took the time to explain everything about my injury, the proposed treatment and what I could expect in recovery.  He was very concise and did not rush and answered all my questions. Any surgery is scary, but I felt I was in good hands,  My surgery was in February and I was cautioned that it could take a year to completely heal.  My leg is better every day and only occasionally does it bother me.  I am biking again, which is very important to me. I would recommend others to go to Dr. Guse." – Suzanne M.
"Dr. Guse has been so attentive since the first time I saw him. He was compassionate and empathetic to the situation I was in and answered all my questions. He thoroughly explained everything about my condition, the treatments that were available, the risks involved with each treatment, and his recommendation for treatment. He left it up to me to make the decision of what treatment I wanted and that made me feel like I was in control of my situation. Dr. Guse has always provided excellent customer service and I will be recommending him to my family and friends. If I ever have any issues in the future, he will definitely be my first choice for care." – Latisha M. 
"Had knee pain; went in for arthroscopy and 3 tears repaired; recovery went great almost pain free would recommend Dr. Guse for further problems." – Susan W.
"Definitely a 5 plus. I have dealt with my knees for the last 5 yrs, but ultimately it came down to a total knee replacement. Dr. Guse walked me through all my options. And left the decision up to me... I have been seen in the North Vernon office also everyone there is awesome. I thank you all. And I'm going to enjoy my new titanium knee... God bless" – Kathleen H.   
"I find him compassionate, easy to talk with & skilled. He takes time to explains things." – Rebecca A. 
"Dr. Guse is a wonderful doctor. I had a lateral release on my left knee with a meniscus tear repair on Nov. 11th, I was doing well enough that he agreed to do the lateral release on my right knee on Dec. 23rd, which was 6 weeks from my first surgery. Since I had such a high deductible and wanted to have the second one completed in the same year he said normally he would not do  them any closer than 3 months apart but based on my recovery going so well he would do the second knee. I feel that I did so well based on his knowledge and expertise along with my determination to feel better. People are very surprised how much better I am and how quickly I recovered and I tell them if I had to do it again I definitely would and I would definitely put my faith and trust in Dr. Guse!" – Kelly K. 
"Dr. Guse has done everything possible to help with my neck and shoulder. Offered different options but always left the final decision up to me, the patient. Made me feel like I didn't have to just live with the numbness and tingling, but we could try other options such as PT and finally an injection in my neck. Very grateful to have been referred to him." – Karen W.  
"Dr. Guse and the whole office staff is great. I will be on my 3rd surgery with Dr. Guse and I have total faith in his abilities." – Pam H.   
"Dr. Guse and the entire staff are what you expect from a caring and professional surgeon and his staff." – Mike E.