Patient Reviews: Dr. Douglas Federle

The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Federle.

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“As always. GREAT. All questions and concerns were addressed.”
– Robert H.
"Dr. Federle was very thorough in explaining options for my treatment of a shoulder injury.  He was cognizant of sending me out for expensive testing needlessly.  My shoulder healed just fine with excercise and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory/pain medicine. All of the staff was courteous and professional along with the office having  a professional environment that made be feel at ease." – Deborah H. 
"Very calm and very easy treatment that was successful. Both the draining of my knee and the compression of my elbow were quickly resolved and given high priority treatments. Very impressed with the kindness of the doctor and staff." – Ellen N.   
"Great service. Dr. Federle took  great care of me. Explained the what and why of my treatment. Thanks, Dr. Federle!" – Charles C.
"I was shoveling snow and fell. My son took me to the ER where I was told nothing was broke. Four hours later they called and said I had a broken pelvis. I called the doctor who worked us in to be seen. Dr. Federle has taken the time to make sure my bone was healing properly and keeps seeing me back til he knows it is ok to walk on at 100%. It has now been 13 weeks and still healing. It has been a very long process but I appreciate his true concern for my health. Everyone has been great to me through all my office visits." – Don S. 
"Dr. Federle was very knowledgeable about my fractured ankle. He was very understanding of my problems and gave me sound instructions as to how to be sure that I healed in the very best way possible without any problems. He was very polite and gentlemanly. I'm very appreciative of the treatment he gave in this circumstance. Thank you." – Brenda W. 
"Recent left hip replacement great staff and doctor always has been honest and to the point with care." – Merle M.  
"I fell late in the afternoon. I was in a lot of pain and unable to move my arm and shoulder. My daughter that works for the hospital helped me determine my best option for care for my shoulder injury. Luckily I was able to go to the evening walk-in clinic at Southern Indiana Orthopedics. The wait time was minimal. Everyone was professional, efficient, and kind. They X-rayed my shoulder and determined it was fractured. I was fitted with a sling and given instructions on care of my fractured shoulder and what to expect. Follow-up appointments and X-rays showed my healing progress. Physical therapy completed my healing by helping me restore the range of motion in my shoulder. I'm am back to normal now. :-) I'm really glad the evening walk-in was available." – Susan H. 
"My first experience with Dr. Federle was when I needed a knee replacement. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Dr. Federle had been involved in the design of artificial knees before he became a surgeon and actually started putting them into people. I think that gives him a huge advantage over other surgeons, because he has intimate knowledge of the replacement parts and would have a better idea of which specific parts would be best for certain individuals.   I really like Dr. Federle's easy to understand explanations of the conditions I present to him. I also appreciate his thorough explanations of procedures that I am scheduled to have. It puts my mind at ease and I know the job will be done right. When I needed shoulder surgery, there was no question as to who I wanted to do the surgery. Just as with my knee replacement, the shoulder surgery and recuperation went very well. My other shoulder will need the same surgery before long and I have already decided to have Dr. Federle do it. His care and expertise have served me well. Besides that, he is supported by a very friendly, helpful and efficient staff. They're great!" – Maurice R. 
"I am very pleased with all of my care" – David D.