Patient Reviews: Dr. Lisa Lanham

The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Lanham.

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“Pleasant staff.  Knowledgeable staff.  Efficient in the procedures and informative about the problem and it's causes or fixes.”
– Susan O.
“Great provider.  Well respected.”
– Michael S.
"My wife and I are both extremely pleased with Dr. Lanham, her staff and office personnel." – Norman B. 
"Finest podiatric care one could hope for!" – John M.
"Dr. Lanham checks my feet because I diabetes every 3-4 months. She has always been friendly and I'm never there for more than a few minutes waiting to get in or in leaving. I have nothing but good to say about her appointments." – Roberta D. 
"Awesome experience Dr. Lisa can ease your fears very quickly. Rhonda is fantastic at taking care of me and assisting Dr. Lisa. Tina is also good at doing my paperwork and getting me something I need if she can do it."  – Mary T. 
"Extremely pleased with the services and treatment received." – Norman B. 
"I always looked forward to my visits. Dr Lanham and her nurses not only took care of my medical problems they also showed love and compassion for my overall well being. I knew I was in the best hands." – Brandon B.  
"I got in the office and out within 45 min. That was great." -- Roberta D.
"Dr. Lanham always does a great job for me, we swap stories about football, she always there to help." – Steven H.