Outpatient Joint Replacement

At Southern Indiana Orthopedics, our joint replacement experts are dedicated to providing you with access to the latest and most advanced treatment options and procedures. This includes outpatient joint replacement surgery for the hip, knee, and shoulder to help make you stronger—faster.

What Is Outpatient Joint Replacement?

Total joint replacement, also called total joint arthroplasty, is a standard treatment for advanced arthritis of the hip, knee, and increasingly, the shoulder. A specialty-trained orthopedic surgeon will surgically remove the areas of the joint structure that are damaged. The surgeon then remakes the joint structure by implanting new, artificial joint components, such as the ball and socket of the hip or shoulder.

Traditionally, total joint replacement is performed in a hospital environment and requires an overnight stay, or longer depending on recovery needs. Any surgery performed in a hospital setting with a recovery involving one or more nights is known as inpatient surgery. Outpatient surgery, also known as same-day surgery, is a surgical procedure that allows patients to recover in their own homes starting the day of their procedure.

Outpatient total joint replacement surgery is made possible through advanced training in modern techniques. With the necessary experience and expertise, our total joint replacement specialists at Southern Indiana Orthopedics are proud to offer joint replacement on an outpatient basis for patients who meet specific criteria. 

What to Expect With Your Outpatient Joint Replacement Procedure

If you are experiencing chronic knee, hip, or shoulder pain, our total joint care doctors will work with you to find a precise diagnosis and develop a treatment plan right for you. If your joint condition is severe and conservative measures offer no change, your doctor may suggest an outpatient procedure to help provide a long-term solution. Whether you need a knee replacement, a hip replacement, or a shoulder replacement, our team has the training and experience to offer the surgical care you need.

Performed by our specialty-trained total joint care surgeons, outpatient or same-day joint replacement at our state-of-the-art Columbus Specialty Surgery Center offers the following advantages:

  • Ability to go home the same day of your surgery, with no overnight stay
  • Lower cost compared to inpatient joint replacement at a hospital
  • Reduced risk of infection or COVID-19 exposure compared to the hospital
  • Convenient, local care from an experienced, dedicated surgeon and team

Your surgeon, physical therapist, and entire care team will be with you every step of the way before, during, and after surgery. Our outpatient total joint replacement program involves a tailored plan for each patient. Just like traditional joint procedures, our outpatient joint replacement patients undergo a specialized physical therapy program to ensure proper healing and the best possible outcomes.

Why Choose Southern Indiana Orthopedics?

At Southern Indiana Orthopedics, you are in excellent hands with our outpatient joint replacement surgeons. Our joint replacement specialists, Dr. Douglas Federle, Dr. Cary Guse, Dr. Matthew Lovell, and Dr. Eric Tannenbaum, have extensive experience and training in specific joints and procedures. Our entire outpatient joint replacement team is board-certified in orthopedic surgery or fellowship-trained in advanced treatments, and each doctor has the specialized knowledge and skills to treat your hip, knee, or shoulder injury or condition individually to meet your needs. 

To consult with our outpatient joint replacement specialists at Southern Indiana Orthopedics about your treatment options, please request an appointment online or call (812) 376-9353. Our surgeons are available at our main location in Columbus and at our North Vernon, Seymour, or Greensburg outreach clinics.