2017 Ronald Bennett Legacy Award

Last year was our inaugural year for our Ronald Bennett Legacy Award. What a great time we had celebrating this and our 40th Anniversary at the zoo.

For those not fortunate enough to have worked with Dr. Bennett, let me share why we want his legacy to forever live at Southern Indiana Orthopedics. 

Dr. Bennett was a courageous and admirable leader. He was a very humble and persistent, but quiet, determined, courageous, passionate for those he served, and a generous man. He led this group for many years with confidence with each of the opportunities presented. He had a burning desire to ensure Southern Indiana Orthopedics succeed and is still making a difference well beyond his time of leadership.

There are often times we still refer to the leadership of Dr. Bennett. He left a lasting mark of encouraging and inspiring others towards greatness that we are grateful for today. It is important that we always carry on his desire for greatness. These are just a few of the reasons this honorable award was established.

We reviewed all the nominations and finally a recipient was chosen. We looked for the person who exhibited Dr. Bennett's characteristics. His dedication, passion, service, persistence, determination, and desire without exception for quality patient services.

Several came to mind, but one individual continued to stand out.

  • The recipient doesn’t look at herself as a leader, but is certainly a leader in her very own special way. 
  • She takes her role at Southern Indiana Orthopedics very seriously and always, always gives her best effort and by her quiet leadership inspires others to do the same. 
  • She doesn’t speak up often, but when she does you know you should take note of her suggestions because it has been very well thought out.
  • She came to us 12 years ago as a fill-in for a maternity leave, but we quickly decided we’d like for her to join our team. 
  • While at Southern Indiana Orthopedics, she has taken on the leadership role to provide support to the Columbus Regional Hospital radiology student program. Teaching and guiding them and inspiring them to also be the best in their field. 
  • We know that each patient that leaves the X-ray department feels a bit better because they experienced the compassion that she exhibits to each she encounters.

We are proud to announce the 2017 Ronald Bennett Legacy Award Recipient is Shirley Becker!