Patient Reviews of Southern Indiana Orthopedics

The following are reviews from patients of Southern Indiana Orthopedics

Average Rating: 4.8
"Great service. Dr. Federle took  great care of me. Explained the what and why of my treatment. Thanks, Dr. Federle!" – Charles C.
"I attended one of Dr. Tannenbaum's presentations and discovered my pain was due to cartilage deterioration in my hip joint. Subsequent X-rays confirmed the problem and further consultation with Dr. Tannenbaum clarified what steps I needed to take to rectify the problem. As we were planning an overseas trip later in the year, he gave us two options to decide upon: medication (injection) which was temporary or the more permanent option of surgery. We opted for surgery in order to be in better condition for the overseas trip. I am now four weeks post-surgery, am relatively pain-free and have just graduated to using a cane as opposed to a walker. I am continuing rehab which has been of significant benefit and am hopeful to be able to walk unassisted in the very near future. I would recommend Dr. Tannenbaum's services for anyone seeking a hip replacement." – James A.
"I took physical therapy for a dislocated shoulder as recommended by Dr. Tannenbaum. I had therapy three days a week for a month. I was well pleased with the therapy I received. The two therapists that I worked with were excellent and very knowledgeable. When I finished my therapy, my shoulder and arm were almost back to normal. I would recommend Southern Indiana Orthopedics to anyone." – Marlys P.
"Some years ago Dr. Tannenbaum repaired my shoulder and it is now better than it was before I injured it. I have full range of motion which is what the surgery gave me." – Ruth J.
"From the initial appointment date until the date surgery was done was remarkable. Dr. Tannenbaum doesn't mess around, he listens to his patients and begins action. The office staff was wonderful, I was always treated well and everyone was very efficient. The surgery on my right shoulder was a success, six months later I can't even tell its the same shoulder. Wonderful job by all and would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Tannenbaum and the staff at Southern Indiana Orthopedics." – Sheila B.
"Great surgeon and excellent bedside manner. Four surgeries later, I wouldn't use any other ortho doctor. Very good ortho practice. I highly recommend it!" – Ed S.
"After meeting with Dr. Lovell, I was able to have surgery scheduled for my carpal tunnel issue that same week. The surgery went very well and my right hand has improved ever since." - Joy M.
"Excellent! Could not have ask for a better experience or a better doctor!!!" – Tami M. 
"I was shoveling snow and fell. My son took me to the ER where I was told nothing was broke. Four hours later they called and said I had a broken pelvis. I called the doctor who worked us in to be seen. Dr. Federle has taken the time to make sure my bone was healing properly and keeps seeing me back til he knows it is ok to walk on at 100%. It has now been 13 weeks and still healing. It has been a very long process but I appreciate his true concern for my health. Everyone has been great to me through all my office visits." – Don S. 
"Dr. Federle was very knowledgeable about my fractured ankle. He was very understanding of my problems and gave me sound instructions as to how to be sure that I healed in the very best way possible without any problems. He was very polite and gentlemanly. I'm very appreciative of the treatment he gave in this circumstance. Thank you." – Brenda W. 


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